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window tinting
Many people don’t realize that there are added benefits to window tinting beyond sun blocking. Consider some of the following then give Mobile Car Pro a call to discuss tinting for your car’s windows today!

UV Blocking

Window tinting in your car or truck can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. If you spend a considerable amount of time driving for work or pleasure, consider the exposure of your face and arms to these harmful rays through regular window glass. Tinting can greatly eliminate that exposure, and keep you cool in the interim! 

Heat Control

We all know that driving with the sun beating down on you is uncomfortable. Compensating by cranking the air conditioner decreases engine efficiency and can be hard on your engine. Certain varieties of car window tinting can shield the interior of your car from up to 70% of the sun’s energy! Stay comfortable while you drive.

Added Safety

Accidents shatter windows and that glass can cause major damage to you and your passengers. Window tint coats windows in a thin film that can hold shattered glass in place upon impact, reducing the amount of glass flying through the cabin in the event of an accident.

Theft Prevention

While the film adds safety in an accident, it can also deter thieves. First, your belongings are harder to see through your windows, although we always encourage you to place valuables in locked trunks and glove boxes. Thieves are also presented with a shattered but intact window upon breaking, because the film will hold the pieces together. This makes it that much harder to grab and go once they’ve smashed your window.

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