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4 Convenience Technologies Your Car Must Have
Tuesday, April 3, 2018

People today prepare a long list of preferences when they have to select from a range of convenience technologies to be installed in their cars. It’s true these modern systems make driving more fun and traveling a lot more convenient. These are not gimmicks like LED lights that I’m talking about. I mean systems that truly enhance your driving experience.

These features are fitted by the automakers in the high priced luxury cars. And there was a time when such advanced technological features were only available in such cars. But today, same conveniences can be installed in the cars that are affordable to people on a modest budget. Here I’ll discuss four such amazing advanced systems that can make those hours that you spend driving much easier and safer.

1 - Remote Car Starters

Remote car starters are the most astonishing automotive system introduced in the 21st century. Considering the fact that they are affordable and can be easily installed, it shouldn’t surprise you that remote car starters have become almost ubiquitous in cars. Just like car alarm systems. Some of its amazing features include:
  • Starting your car on a cold morning from your house to warm it up
  • Melting the snow over your car by turning on the defroster
  • Turning on the air conditioner so that it’s cool when you hop into it
  • Locating your car in a crowded or large parking lot
  • Syncing your smart-phone with the remote starter can allow you to control your car with your touch-screen cell phone

2 - GPS Navigation

If you usually drive alone, especially in a city where you’re new and are not used to the routes there, then having a GPS navigation system in your car must be your top priority. Although, today mobiles have a GPS, it’s not easy and wise to keep checking your mobile phone while you’re driving alone. And if you like to listen to music while you’re driving then using your car GPS system is a better option for you than smart-phone based GPS. Having GPS navigation in your car is a necessity, because you can’t trust your smartphone’s network connectivity everywhere.

3 - HomeLink

HomeLink is a wireless control system integrated into cars. It transmits radio frequency and is programmed to activate garage doors openers, gates, locks and RF controlled lighting. Though the technology is not as new as some of the others, but HomeLink hasn’t lost its importance over time. It’s still one of the most highly installed systems in automobiles to this date.

4 - Backup Safety

Backup safety refers to the cameras installed at the rear of the cars today. These vehicle reversing cameras save your money by making you avoid minor accidents while reversing. Also, this feature increases your visibility behind your vehicle, allowing you to be more careful, particularly when there are playing children and small animals in your vicinity. Same are the benefits of collision avoidance systems that are becoming quite common in automobiles these days.

If you want a warranted installation of such convenience technologies in your car, then you’re most welcome at Mobile Car Pro. We have certified mobile technicians who can customize your vehicles with the highest quality systems and most reliable installations. If you haven’t thought about restyling your car with driver convenience systems yet, then it’s about time you do now!

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