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4 Upgrades You Definitely Want In Your Car
Tuesday, June 19, 2018

As new cars are released every few months, they are equipped with the latest technology. Every so often, some of this technology is deemed to be so useful that it is needed to be installed in all cars, even older models.

Here are 4 of the most essential gadgets you need to install in your cars as soon as possible.

1. Remote Starters

Remember the days when you had to check whether or not each door of your car was locked before you went into your house. In the winter or when its raining, and you want to rush inside as soon as possible – it is a taxing task.

With the introduction of remote starters and keys, all the doors are locked with the push of a button. In addition, if you have forgotten your key inside the car, you can remotely open the car and retrieve it.

Central and remote locking systems secure the car and alarms can be activated to prevent theft.

2. Homelink Systems

Although most modern garages are equipped with remotes controlling the entrance, they sometimes require you to step out of your vehicle or move closer to the door. Homelink system is another modification that increases efficiency and convenience.

Now you don’t have to carry the garage key/remote with you, as the controls are situated inside your car. Wirelessly connected to the garage opener, this will allow you to stay in your car as the garage opens, welcoming you in.

Be it a garage door, an RF-activated device, interior lighting or the security system, the system will easily connect to all. The units are available in several colors and fit perfectly with the interior of your vehicle. 

3. Power Inverters

We don’t go anywhere without our smartphones and other trusted electronic devices. Most of our day is spent working on them. Charging them is often a problem and with only one lighter socket per car, using all the devices you want becomes difficult.

Now you can plug your phones, laptops, GPS and any other devices directly into your car! Equipping cars with the power inverter is the reliable and permanent solution to all your power issues.

4. Backup Security

Driver, passenger and pedestrian safety is a very serious issue and one of the major concerns for road safety campaigns. There is a high probability of kids getting into accidents with reversing cars.

Installing appropriate equipment in vehicles is a great way to combat this. In order to cover all the aspects, cameras are mounted in the front and rear of the cars in addition to proximity sensors on all corners.

You can view the exact position of your car while you move into or out of parking spots. Some systems incorporate a screen in the rear view mirror so the driver can see exactly where they are going.

While it is understood that buying a car is sort of a long-term deal and everyone cannot be up-to-date all the time, such modifications keep your vehicles and people’s lives safe.

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