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What is GPS Navigation and Why Does My Car Have It
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The global positioning system is a network of around 30 satellites, orbiting the Earth simultaneously. The satellites circle around the Earth at a height of about 20,000 km. The global positioning system commonly known as GPS was first created by the United States government for exclusive military use. But the technology has since been exploited in several other applications. Today GPS systems are attached to mobile phones, cars, and television sets etc. These gadgets are able to receive and understand radio notifications broadcasted through satellites.

The most common use of GPS is in automobiles; new models of cars come pre-equipped with GPS or similar navigation networks. If they are not factory installed, car owners still opt to purchase them as accessories given their various benefits such as GPS navigation.

GPS Navigation in Cars

The global positing systems installed in a car works by connecting the signals received from satellites with an interactive electronic map. This helps the driver in navigating through different plot routes while driving to a particular destination. The GPS navigation system also takes several variables into consideration when constructing a route for the user.

Some advanced GPS car systems are interlinked with channels of traffic information. This enables the device to decode, analyze and evaluate the traffic data in real time to provide the driver with the best available route at that time. Similarly, the sophisticated technology alerts the driver if they miss any turn, signal or stop sign as it keeps updating even while being used.

Some of the more advanced GPS tools are created with virtual reality elements; this allows the system to communicate with the drive both verbally and visually. The device can understand and decode human instructions and perform the particular actions. Such as if the driver says “find the next nearest Mexican restaurant”. The GPS navigation would be able to track down the nearest eatery by accessing available road information.

GPS navigation also keeps people from getting lost. Travelling to a new location all by yourself is a nerve wrecking experience especially if you don’t know have accurate directions. But the GPS system in your car saves you the hassle by allowing you to simply feed in the destination and following the directions on the screen.

Additional Benefits
Along with the greater navigation feature, GPS systems also provide few other significant benefits such as:
  • Cars equipped with GPS can be linked to your cell phone. This allows one to make calls while driving through the electronic device.
  • One can also easily locate their car if they forget where they had parked the car by simply searching its location on the linked phone.
  • A smart GPS device is also able to keep track of your speed, fuel consumption and headlights.
  • Many cars today come installed with a Hometrack feature. This aids in opening gates and garage doors automatically as soon as the car drives near them.
In today’s fast-paced life, having an electronically controlled car is much needed for safe driving and comfort.

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